Outcome of the Special Meeting

I am writing to thank you for the outcome of the Special Meeting last Friday night.

I was overwhelmed with the support given from the Membership to Myself and Committee in relation to the proposed extension of Hasting Yacht Club.

I am currently arranging a Special Projects Meeting where we will discuss the project planning, implementation and importantly the available funds to get started. I am pleased to say that I have already been contacted by a few members that have offered their services to assist the club move through this process.

To that extent, should you feel that your skill set or trade qualifications could benefit this project, could I ask that you make yourself known to the Honorary Secretary (Josie Hamilton) at your earliest convenience. Josie can be contacted at Josie@hamiltondesign.com.au or by phone on 0416 003261 and is available most Tuesdays at the Club House.

In the coming weeks, works will commence within the men’s changing room. The provision of a new shower area has already been fully costed and this work needs to happen immediately so as to define a wall between a building zone and normal club activities. It is essential that Hastings Yacht Club work with the building permit holder to provide a safe working environment for all parties (Builder’s and Club Members alike) and comply with all current OH&S requirements. Hopefully, this small alteration to the men’s changing rooms will be the only works that inconvenience the membership, and it should not take too long to complete.

Thank you again for your support with this very exciting project. Please contact me should you have any questions or queries over the information provided above.

Best regards

Malcolm Edwards        Commodore Hastings Yacht Club 2009-2014


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