Sailability is Back


  How time flies. Once again it is time to prepare for our 2014-2015 Sailability season and we look forward to seeing all our Clients back at the Hastings Yacht Club for fun and good times on the water.

We welcome back our regular volunteers and look forward to seeing some new faces.  As usual a free B.B.Q. lunch will be provided for our volunteers after each session.  Get in touch with Kevin or call him on 0418340733 who will gladly welcome you to our sessions.  Enjoy a chat with your fellow club members plus the experience of helping our disabled clients who always get so much fun out of their sailing experiences.  These sessions run on a fortnightly basis from between 1000hrs and 1400hrs.

DATES AND TIDES.(daylight saving time.


Thursday  9th October             H.T. 1352hrs

Thursday 23rd October            H.T. 1247hrs

Thursday    6th November                 H.T. 1212hrs

Thursday  20th November                 H.T. 1039hrs

Thursday   4th December                   H.T. 1030hrs



Thursday  5th February            H.T. 1448hrs

Thursday 19th February           H.T. 1313hrs

Thursday   5th March               H.T. 1326hrs

Thursday  19th March              H.T.  1132hrs

Thursday   2nd April                H.T.  1142hrs


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