Urgent MEMO from Rear Commodore

I still haven’t found the owner of the laser that was left at the club sometime in June.
It is on a road trailer light grey deck with a silver tarp covering half of it, no mast or sail.
If this is yours, or if you know who owns it, please let me know either by email or phone.
If the owner is not found in the next 2 weeks the boat will be up for sale next year.
So I repeat to all Trailer Sailors and OTB boats  let me know if you are taking your boat away
for repairs or for a holiday, a simple phone call or preferably an email to me rearcommodore@hastingsyachtclub.org.au
We do have a waiting list of other members wanting to store their boat at the club so accept this as a warning if you don’t tell me you lose your spot.
Same with OTB Boats, if you don’t ask there won’t be a spot available.
Also a simple phone call if you want to leave your boat on the pontoon, so I can tell the whingers of the club that I know!!
except for those members launching on a Friday for a Saturday race,
Glen Cooke
Rear Commodore
Hastings Yacht Club

Dolphin is the code name for the system admin of this web site. His name will remain a secret to protect the innocent. He will continue to come last in races and never loose faith in the handicapper.

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