Update Number 3

Hi All,  It great to see some people have already logged on using their members login. I’m trying to add 1 or 2 pages each night replicating the type of content on the current site. Please feel free to start adding comments about your likes and dislikes. I won’t be able to please everyone, but I’ll take your input. Please remember I’m an engineer and spelling and gramma arn’t my strong point. I normal go back and read stuff the following day and find heaps of mistakes. So bear with me until I ask for some final proof reading.  In the meantime I would love any input, from anyone. BTW Boof can you send me the word doc you used for the OTB dates.  Jason_Sherwood@bigpond.com

Awaiting your comment :)   



Dolphin is the code name for the system admin of this web site. His name will remain a secret to protect the innocent. He will continue to come last in races and never loose faith in the handicapper.

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