Update Number 7

Hi All,

   It’s great to see so many people taking an interest in the new site. Please put in your comments I can make improvment if you don’t tell me.  Thanks Authur good comment, I have now moved “Contact Us” onto the top menu to a more prominant position, However I do have to be mindfull of privacy when is comes to kids and sail training photo.

I have also changed photo’s to only display 1 gallery which should only contain boats as again privacy prevent me from showing people with there concent. To Marks question Yes sorry you have to loggon, it’s to prevent general public from seeing all our contact details.

Also Thanks to Colleen for providing heaps of photo’s some of which will end up on the cover page.

Keep your comments comming. 



Dolphin is the code name for the system admin of this web site. His name will remain a secret to protect the innocent. He will continue to come last in races and never loose faith in the handicapper.

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