Update Number 8

Well I’ve Changed tack in the recent passed to try an ease people into the age of “Blogging” the old public web site is slowly morphing into a blog look and feel. and Although this site has been setup as a complete replacement. I’m hope to start this with a members area. that requires Members to log in. Access will be via the member’s site as a number of you are doing now. In the future I’ll remove a number of the links from the old site and make them more private for members only. This will include any link with private member info like duty roster, committee person emails and phone numbers.  I’m already removing any use of last names from the public site. What I would like you to do is have a think and comment about what should be members only.


Dolphin is the code name for the system admin of this web site. His name will remain a secret to protect the innocent. He will continue to come last in races and never loose faith in the handicapper.

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