Lake Eyre Yacht Club 2013 Regatta

Colin D is getting a group together to participate in the Lake Eyre Yacht Club Regatta.

He has been for the last 2 events and had a great time. It’s a very family orientated event and last year there were about 20 children from 5 to 15 with treasure hunt and other games organised.

General events are a day of races, a day of exploring/excursion, a day of races, more exploring.

He would love to get a group together from HYC and attend, His landcruiser and trailer can be used to carry 3 to 4 off beach boats. Anyone interested could contact Colin on 0 4 2 8 2 6 7 3 6 5 your via the webmaster.



Dolphin is the code name for the system admin of this web site. His name will remain a secret to protect the innocent. He will continue to come last in races and never loose faith in the handicapper.

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