When I met my wife (to be)I had to wait 2 years ’till our wedding day. I was full of anticipation, and the wedding was marvalous.
Not long after the wedding, and we moved into our new home I started to build a Trailortri 720. I’ve waited 32 years for the launch! Do you think I’m excited!
Hopefully the Bird-of-Prey hits the water on Saturday 18 May


Owner/Builder of Trailertri 720 (Bird-of-Prey)  Vertually nill sailing experiance.  Currently on a steep learning curve. Currently run a small business providing Pilot/Escort vehicles to the heavy haulage industry-  and looking forward to retirement in 2015 - and doing a lot more sailing! Other interests include 'Lions Clubs International',  playing classical guitar and bush walking (but I've sworn never to walk to Refuge Cove ever agsain)

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One comment on “Anticipation
  1. dolphin says:

    Hi John, Good Luck this weekend. I know how you feel however I didn’t wait 32 years.
    Jason – Knot Tring – HA123