purchasing a 40-foot Adams ketch

Dear fellow club members,

I am in the midst of purchasing a 40-foot Adams ketch (steel hull centre pilot house) and would appreciate some advice, assistance and help with the following:

1. Wet Berth options and how best to approach this (preferable for me as I have “bionic hardware” in my lumbar spine (Titanium prosthetics).

2. Alternatively, a swing mooring in the outer anchorage in Hastings.

3. Volunteers to help me crew the vessel from Hobart over a weekend (prefer crew with previous passage from Hobart).

4. This is my first “Big Boat” and first time on a ketch rig. I am looking for a competent, experienced and patient mentor to help me sort out the knots!

5. This is part of an important project (a serious one) and I would welcome and appreciate constructive comments and advice from my fellow club members.

Many thanks,




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