There is often reluctance by new members (and some not-so-new) to front-up for duty because they don’t know what is expected of them. Between the hours of say 9.30am and 4.30pm you will be the HYC representative who welcomes any visitors to the Club and assists them in enquiries they may have, whether it be regarding membership, races, yard space, etc. You can refer them to the appropriate committee member and give them a contact phone number. The tasks are few. Raise the flags in the morning and lower them at the end of the day, write the weather report on the blackboard, etc. If you are radio confident you may ‘man’ the radio for the day, but this is NOT COMPULSORY. The most important task is to be observant. Whether it be a boat on the water which needs assistance, someone in the yard needing guidance, children in areas they should not be, or making sure rowers in dinghies reach their moored boats, it will be your responsibility to represent the Club and its members. There is a folder in the radio room with instructions, emergency and committee/member phone numbers, etc for your referral. Above all, enjoy the day.